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09 Aug 2013

what is git

Git is not subversion, git is a content-addressable filesystem which is a very powerful tool that you can easily use as more than just a VCS.

As of Linus Torvalds's opnion Subversion has been the most pointless project ever started, If you like using CVS, you should in some kind of mental institution or somewhere else.

Now github has been the best and cool SCM system, it is very very popular, and if your are a programer, you will be shamed of not having a github account.

some features of git

How to install?

Install Guide

How to config?

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

$ git config --global "xxx"

$ git config --global ""

$ git config --global color.ui true

Init your project

$ mkdir demo & cd demo

$ git init

$ echo "test" > test.txt

$ git add test.txt

$ git commit -m "add test file"

Push your code to the central server

$ git remote add origin

$ git push origin master

Update your project and modify

$ git pull origin master

$ git status

$ echo "test2" > test2.txt

$ git commit -m "add test2 file"

$ git push origin master

Exclude some files and view the modification history

To Exclude files you do not want to stage just add a .gitignore file to your repository, and input git log --graph command to see modification history of your repository.

How to do teamwork with git?

Because of the low cost of adding a branch in git, so I choose branch in teamwork, master branch is ready to release to the app server, and any other branch is the develop branch.

If you want to release a new function, just merge the branch to the mater branch after it passes the test.

How git works?

Git have two types of commands, one is plumbing commands as we always use, and the other one is porcelain commands as we not always use.

You must want to know how contents are stored in git, first you should understand objects in git. There are four types of objects, tree,blob,commit, tag; for example how blob are stored in git database?

The contents of blob objects have content header and content body, the contents will be compressed and write to a file which name is releated to the SHA hash of contents. The file is placed in .git/objects directory, and the sub-directory name is the first two character of the SHA hash.Blew is the code of ruby.

header = blob + ' ' + content.size + \0
body = content
new_content = header + body
sha = Digest::SHA1.hexdigest(new_content)
compressed = zlib::deflate(new_content)
path = ".git/objects/**/*****...", 'w') {
    |f| f.write(compressed)

The end

At last , recommend a website to learn git: ProGit

Or if git-scm was killed by GxFxW, you can view from Github-ProGit, Ofcourse it is write in markdown and have almost all languages.

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