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12 Oct 2013

Today I need to import severial millions of data to redis from mysql, If you meet with this question, how will you do it. Below is what I do it, from a bad method to a right method.

First I write a api, this api will first query data from redis, if not exists then query from mysql and save it to redis, then I will load all distinct ids from mysql, then use these ids to curl the api, after all requests are finished, all data will be set into redis, ofcourse I put all logic to the api. At last I found each request should query mysql and each set to redis is based on HTTP, so the speed is so slow even I execute the curl in parallel.So it is a bad idea.

Then I think for a while, I search for redis documents, I found this. It tell us how to insert mass data into redis quickly.

Ok, first give a simple example:

$ echo -ne "*3\r\n\$3\r\nSET\r\n\$3\r\nkeyr\n\$3\r\nval\r\n" | redis-cli --pipe

What you should pay attention to is -ne and \$, and paste the command above to your linux terminal, It will execute normal.

Then how to import mass data from mysql to redis, ok give a sql and a command, It is enough to import severial millions of data from mysql to redis in less than severial miniutes.

) FROM (
    SELECT 'SET' as redis_cmd,
    id as redis_key,
    name as redis_val
    FROM table_example 
) AS table
$ mysql -hlocalhost -uusername -ppassword  dbname \
  --skip-column-names --raw < data.sql | redis-cli --pipe

Ok, just a sql and a command and just cost less than severial miniutes, the problem is solved. In summary, when meet a new problem, you should search some official documents first, It will help us think of good methods to solve our problems.Do not do quickly without thinking for a while ^-^.

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